Lucid dream (preparatory sketch)

A video-installation in the wardrobe. 

 <Lucid dream> is my recent series work in progress, which I intervene with the objects that normally belong to the domestic commodity. for instance; door, floor, furnitures etc. In the series I want to experiment the sculptural possibility and narrativity of these objects. In other words, I study the architectural elements of the objects and create new narrative of their use based on the study. In addition to interaction, I add the context about commodities and their use to the museum context. At the same time, the architectural element plays an important role, because the spatiality is decisive for the perception of the audience.

For that I will use various media such as sound, video or technical devices for example surveillance camera, motion sensor so that I want to expand the range of perception and let the audience be playful with my installation. Therefore, the presentation of mine will not correspond to the conventional exhibition, where the audience look at the art objects within a certain distance and guess the intention of the artist. The exhibition of mine is a genesis of the perception, the moving between the audience and the art objects, whereby I understand my work as means to observe how the audiences handle, perform or interact to the situation of the exhibition and thus their changed behavior.

* * *


Invader            Interaktive Installtion           2018

There are 2 bedside tables in the showroom. The bedside tables are not next to each other. Therefore  the tables couldn´t be seen at the same time. If you go to the table (A) and open the door, where  sweets are placed  in the lower compartment of the table, you can be seen on the screen in the  table (B) on the other side. Or you can hear the sound of bedside table (A) if someone open the drawer of the table (A).

* * *


Gap of the gap            Interaktive Installtion           2018

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Floor (a study on preparing for work)      

A interactive-installation on the wooden floor. The audience hear a whisper through the knothole. But the sound stops when the audience get their ears close to the hole.

_ This work is an example one. The woodenfloor shold be installed expanded in the actual space. 

* * *

preparatory sketch