Glückssuche             Rauminstalllation             2016 

I tried to confuse the meaning of the “art-viewing” by the spectators coming into a conflicting situation. In a general sense, “looking at art” means to be useless or indifferent. I offered to the spectator a game that they look for the slips of paper, which bring a realistic possibility. I’ve distributed and hidden the pieces of paper in the whole room, even in the works, with a number of bills on which the already-purchased lottery numbers have been bought. At the exhibition entrance the viewers perceive this event through the announcement or registration point. They will experience an inner conflict, whether you are dealing with the exhibition or focusing on the possibilities where money can be created. In order to find the slips you have to take a risk, you have to break the taboo, that the work in the exhibition is not to be touched. 

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