Klangwippe            Interaktive Installtion           2018

The work consists of several seesaws, those could be usually  seen on playgrounds. Normally seesaw is a weight game up and down. I would like to reverse the function of the game, so that the balance state becomes the central point: every seesaw are connected to a mp3 player and a speaker that works in such a way that  some sound can be heard if someone alone or with another person brings the each seesaw in the horizontal. The audience has to experiment with each seesaw  so as to achieve the balance state. The sounds that are then heard, are recorded by me and set each seesaw: a sound of the wave, a whisper ... Someone who wanders from one seesaw to another seesaw creates his own sound experience  with the memory of the previous sound  and adds the next sound. These sound connections  trigger some pictures or memories in the head as an own film, his individual art work. 

Klangwippe (소리시소) 작업은 여러대의 시소로 이루어져 있으며 각각의 시소들에는 수평으로 정지할 때 소리가 나는 작은 장치들이 부착되어 있다. 각각의 소리는 Emden이라는 독일의 소도시 곳곳에서 녹음되었으며 추상적으로 변형되었다. 작업의 의도는 관람객으 로부터 시소와 시소사이를 오고가며 소리들을 통해 자신들의 경험과 연결시키거나 소리와 소리 사이의 관계에서 자신만의 내러티브를 찾게하는 것이다.