space_HLS_c (stillimage)                            Installation                          2019

            **Work developed during the Residency Programme of AADK Spain

 Mijin Hyun invites us into a landscape-world, to fallow our instincts and curiosity and to partake in the creation of meaning and experience through making a path through the space. The foil texture on the floor draws our attention to our own movements within the space, to our interactions with it, initiation a new level of engagement and participation in this alien world. Objects are assembled together in prosthetic combinations, obscuring their meaning and  creating new imaginaries. This installation sparks our curiosity and urge to explore this disorientating landscape, which responds to the suggestions of the topography and character of the court yard. The windows are used as a frame through which you can step; from the outside, one can watch others movement around space as part of the installation. The play between exterior and interior, and the duality of observing and participating, provokes an awareness of the performative aspects of spatiality and our engagement with this. 


                                                                                                                                                                           Text by AADK spain